Vision comes to fruition when the process is approached with diligence and great participation. At Disha, we have meticulously crafted systems, spaces and talents that work in symbiosis with every student. Our qualified educators, mentors, advisors and helpers have continuously innovated and worked with every batch of students and parents in developing and bettering learning experiences that are highly coherent. Our institution strives to ensure every child’s safety, stability and strength.



General Manager

Happy Classrooms = Happy Children

We hold the benefit of the child at the center of every choice we make and have consciously designed spaces that are nestled in the lap of nature. From well- ventilated classrooms to excellent sporting facilities, academic laboratories and well stocked library, every facility is designed with the goal to aid our students to excel in multiple facets. Our team of staff and aiders are exceptionally diligent and believe in creating learning experiences that are enjoyable for every student.


Warm Greetings! There is no doubt that education is a cornerstone of human development and we embrace it as a tool to evolve and not just as a means to end. As educators. witnessing the marvel that is in the young mind grasping new ideas, observing new concepts and solving the problems is the one that thrills us. This moment of sudden illumination is almost ethereal to see and it is such moments that creates great entrepreneurs, social workers, educationists, artists, leaders and reformers.

We have meticulously worked to create a coherent blend of sports, academics, cocurricular activities, personality development and creative analytical thinking skills. We have inculcated the social values in each child by not just emphasizing good and bad but by guiding them on how to remain diligent and fruitful in whatever they do with virtue and integrity. We teach them the importance of compassion, inclusion and gratitude for it is very important for the child to grow and become happy adults. The vast experience that our children gain strengthens them more than academically and moulds them to become competent, compassionate individuals.

Our philosophy of education is truly all about a well-designed structured programme to cater the needs of all the children and offers them an experience that enrich them socially, physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually.

Having our campus nestled amongst the lush plantations of Pollachi, offers a beautiful environment to the entire student community, the facilitators and aiders to thrive in balance. Our green campus proudly hosts excellent sporting arenas, academic facilities, residential complexes and nature pockets that plays a big role in the learning experience of each child. As a parent and educator, we have consciously created a space to each child to explore themselves and nurture their intrinsic talents and traits. Enrolling in DISHA yields lifelong dividends. It offers a wonderful community to grow in and hold onto with great pride.


Mrs. Uma Ramanan

Principal & Academic Head


This is our Pre-Primary team! Our skilled and Montessori-trained teachers are dedicated to cultivating a nurturing environment where children thrive. With kindness, dedication, and care, they inspire a love for learning, making each child eager to engage and explore.

Disha School
Disha School


Our Primary Teachers are a dynamic team, spanning from Grade 1 to Grade 5, each bringing their expertise and passion to the classroom. Highly efficient and exceptionally qualified, they are dedicated to nurturing academic excellence and personal growth in every student.


Our Secondary Teachers, spanning from Grade 6 to Grade 8, are a dedicated team of highly efficient and qualified educators. With a focus on nurturing the curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, they guide students through the pivotal years of their academic journey, inspiring a lifelong love of knowledge.

Disha School
Disha School


Our Senior Secondary Teachers, guiding students from Grades 9 to 12, are masters at making the journey through board exams feel like a piece of cake. With their expertise and support, they empower students to excel academically while also preparing them for the challenges ahead.


Our Sports Team is a vibrant and energetic group dedicated to instilling discipline and nurturing talent in our students. With their guidance and support, they mould aspiring athletes into national and international players, fostering a passion for sports in every child.

Disha School
Disha School


Our Arts Team is a group of highly trained professionals specializing in vocal music, violin, tabla, veena, classical dance, and visual arts. With their expertise and dedication, they prepare our students for the world of music and arts, nurturing creativity and talent along the way.


Our Administration Team is the backbone of our institution, ensuring smooth operations and providing support to students, parents, and staff alike. Committed to excellence and efficiency, they work tirelessly behind the scenes to create a conducive environment for learning and growth.

Disha School
Disha School


Our Transportation Team consists of trained drivers and lady attenders committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students during their journey to and from school. With a focus on reliability and care, they provide a secure and comfortable transportation experience for all students.


Our Residence and Catering Services provide a home away from home for our students, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing environment where they can thrive. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing delicious and nutritious meals, as well as maintaining clean and welcoming living spaces, so that students can focus on their studies and personal growth.

Disha School
Disha School


Our Maintenance and Security Team works tirelessly to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and functionality of our facilities. From maintaining the premises to ensuring round-the-clock security, our team is dedicated to creating a secure and conducive environment for all members of our community.