ICSE secondary programme includes arts, literature, humanities, math and science. At Disha, we believe in making education enjoyable and participative for students. As children transition into the secondary programme, they are exposed to new technical concepts and that might seem very daunting for most children. Our pedagogy makes learning easier for students by eliminating rote memorisation and nurturing concept based learning and critical thinking. We strongly encourage participation in classroom and consciously use mnemonics to strengthen memory. Contextualisation based on relatable real world scenario makes our programme easier on the students. The socially useful productive work programme are designed in a way where the children’s practical field experience are nurtured through each grade. We focus on kindling and inspiring entrepreneurial thoughts in children. Our progressive learning programme invites real world practitioners to showcase their works to children and interact in a free questioning session with each child.

Integration of these two programmes have truly made education enjoyable for students at Disha. We offer the space for students to create multiple forum to express their areas of interest. Student's led clubs for art , science, sports and social wellbeing have made our students not only learn better but have also made them have in depth understanding of the realities of all industries that have experienced. Our secondary education Programme promotes healthy competition amongst students by segregating them into houses. We have crafted inter-house events that integrate arts, sports, academics and in a way that it help students to voluntarily participate and excel in all facets. We understand the physiological changes that happen at this phase students and therefore prioritise health fitness and discipline. We believe that inculcating values at a young age create responsible adults and therefore emphasise on embracing diversity , respect, personal boundaries , understanding their own aspiration and have a sense of purpose. Our book free day programme is created for students to express themselves freely and feel valued for the talents they possess.We are committed to creating confident, competent and kind individuals who are ready to take on life. It gives us immense pleasure to see our students become well rounded ,self assured individuals.

Concept Based Learning


We aim to make learning a joyful experience. Concept Based Curriculum enhances learning by eliminating rote memory. It helps our students learn the concepts thoroughly and aids them in thinking critically. Experts from diverse fields share their valuable experiences with our 6th and 7th-grade students, facilitating enriching interactions and knowledge exchange.

The Disha Assembly


Our school morning assemblies are essential for students' holistic development, fostering confidence, discipline, and moral values. Every Friday, class presentations showcase talents, promote class unity, and ignite competitive spirit. We also honour the renowned Tamil poet Bharathiyar with a two-week Tamil assembly, featuring poem recitals, Bharathiar-themed dress-up, discussions on Tamil literature, and student performances of his famous songs, instilling patriotism in our students

Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) Activities


SUPW in our school is designed to enhance the individual’s acceptance and to make positive contributions to society. Such programmes enhance hands-on experience, impart life skills and inculcate a sense of social responsibility in each student. We facilitate a plethora of activities for our students to elect. Courses like photography, baking, embroidery, carpentry, weaving, construction, gardening etc.. are offered for students to choose from.

Book-Free days


Working Saturdays are textbook-free, allowing students to explore education beyond the classroom. These days are dedicated to extra-curricular activities, club events, and competitions, providing students with valuable experiential learning opportunities. The installation of various clubs helps our students explore a range of interests and unlock their passion. It is more than just a place where children spend time with each other, learning and honing their talents. The Quiz club, Math club, Literature club, and Nature club function effectively on Saturdays. Inter-house Cultural competitions & sports events are conducted to develop our students into well-rounded individuals who can participate in cultural and sports events. They develop their individual talent and team spirit.

Poetry Under The Stars


A unique programme by the students of grade 10. Students express their thoughts through the aesthetic qualities of language. It is a source of keen pleasure for the listeners under the sky.

Community Celebrations


Celebrations at DISHA is a carnival. Celebrating festivals and events in school bring students closer to each other's traditions and beliefs. Students at DISHA celebrate all festivals in a traditional and pompous way. Through these celebrations, our children learn the significance and importance of various festivals celebrated in our country.

Field Trips


Educational field trips provide a wider opportunity to learn in a different setting. Our students are taken on a field trip based on the concepts they learn. They get first-hand experience in a natural setting. It provides a learning experience that goes beyond the four walls.