The pedagogy of the Pre-Primary programme is formulated in a way that it sets a strong foundation for our children in multiple disciplines . The Montessori methodology we adopt guarantees well rounded child development and ensures that our student learns to be independent . Our experienced educators are well aware of the transition that happens when a child is enrolled in the school for the very first time . We have crafted a curriculum that is enjoyable for each child and one that works a child's brain in multiple facets . Cognitive development becomes crucial in enhancing learning experiences and our theme based learning activities have helped introduce various concepts through fun learning methods. Children are naturally inclined to various art forms and our educators have consciously incorporated interesting story narration , music and puppetry to keep students engaged and excited about learning . Our curriculum also encourages children to develop life skills that helps them become independent and disciplined . It is important for a child to be active and engaged by themselves and therefore we nurture the creative side of our students on a daily basis. We also emphasise on academic skills through our listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. This in turn helps the children transition into the primary programme effortlessly.

While the classroom is the important space for a child to grow, parents and the community play a dominant role in their development. We make sure that our students are exposed to the diversity that we have in our society through our community centric celebrations and field trips. Our Montessori birthday walk is a programme loved by all, as we encourage the parents to celebrate their child’s birthday with us at school. We, at the Pre-Primary programme of DISHA are excited to kindle the curiosity in each child and thoroughly enjoy each day of our student's development. We welcome every toddler with immense joy.

Montessori Methodology


We encourage independent exploration and hands-on learning using the Montessori method, fostering a sense of curiosity and self-discovery. We promote self-awareness and independence through life skill activities, teaching kids valuable lessons in hygiene and responsibility.

Theme Based Learning


Our curriculum is designed around intriguing themes that integrate subjects, making learning both engaging and comprehensive. This thematic approach allows children to develop a deeper connection with the world around them. We ignite scientific curiosity by encouraging children to wonder about the world around them and engage in hands-on scientific activities.

Story Telling & Puppetry


Through storytelling and interactive educational resources like puppets, we nurture children's socio-emotional development, imagination, and creativity.

Music & Movement


Our kindergarten emphasizes spatial reasoning, self-expression, motor skills, and academic excellence through enjoyable music and movement sessions. We prioritize activities that promote motor skill development, paving the way for functional and flexible behavior. This, in turn, influences other areas such as perception, cognition, language, physical health, and growth.

Academic Skills


We lay the foundation for strong language skills, offering individual attention and exposure to native speakers through international software. Emphasis on listening, speaking , reading and writing skills helps our students adapt faster as they progress through their academic life. This holistic approach ensures that every child receives a well-rounded and enriching early education experience at DISHA Kindergarten.

Parent-Child Activities


The involvement of parents, family members and society is a non-negotiable when it comes to the experience of learning. Our unique Montessori birthday tradition fosters respect for each child's life journey and the concept of time. Every child celebrates their birthday with both their parents present along with the students and teachers. Out grandparent days and parent child art programmes have been crafted to strengthen parent child bonds and inculcate a sense of gratitude towards family.

Field Trips


Field trips complement classroom learning, offering opportunities for visualization, experience, and discussion. Our field trips help our students engage with their surroundings sensibly and responsibly while creating core memories.

Community Celebrations


We instil moral values, folklore, celebrating festivals to inculcate a sense of gratitude and inclusivity. Embracing diversity becomes critical in an ever changing world and starting on the right note becomes paramount in creating tolerant, kind adults.